Gardening Tips

Strengthening Soil Fertility
Fertility is a soil's ability to provide essential nutrients for plant growth. Give careful consideration to your soil and learn how to boost its fertility.

Growing a Kitchen Garden
Whether you live in a single family dwelling, a townhouse or an apartment, if you have an area with sun, you can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Cultivating Carnivorous Plants
There are more than 720 species of carnivorous plants, many with astounding adaptations to inhospitable habitats. With this kind of variety, there is no one way to grow carnivorous plants, but here are some general tips to get you started.

Orchids on the Windowsill
The secret to success in growing orchids indoors is choosing plants that are best suited to the growing environment. Most orchids fail to bloom because of inadequate light or temperatures that are too consistent.

Poinsettia Care
Learn how to properly care for a poinsettia to have it last throughout the holiday season.

Plant Hotline
If you have questions about a plant in your garden, please feel free to reach out to our Plant Hotline. You can leave a message at (202) 226-4785 or send us an email, which will be forwarded to the appropriate person for a response.